The Post Workout Meal

I’m still measuring my ketone levels periodically with ketostix, even though I’m now no longer following a low carb diet. What I’ve found is that my levels seem to measure the highest when I take a reading after my workouts. So, this would imply that my body is burning fat for energy at it’s highest during or after my workout. At the same time, the leangains protocol has me eating immediately after workouts. From a naive point of view, I should wait as long as possible after a workout to eat but now that I think about it, post workout, my body could be burning fat for energy, but still take advantage of the nutrients in my meal to rebuild and repair muscle. So delaying that meal may increase (or not at all affect) my fat burn at the cost of impairing muscle growth or repair.

So, I will continue following the leangains protocol. I need to commit to one particular methodology and follow it for several weeks before making too many changes. This is both fair to the protocol and to me, otherwise I’d just be flitting from one thing to another never finding something that works partially because I’m changing what I’m doing so often. My post workout hunger abatement still continues. It’s kind of annoying because this is the meal where I’m to consume the greater part of my calories for the day. Hunger abatement sounds like I’m just less hungry than usual. This is not correct. Post workout, I don’t feel hungry at all.

Still, perhaps there is a way to mix in cardio into my non-workout days where I can increase fat burning but not affect my muscle growth. This will likely lean towards a low intensity long duration exercise, but I will take time to do a lot more reading before tweaking my leangains protocol.


Leangains: First Week in Review

So, today was my final workout day in my first week of leangains. My primary workouts are the bench press, squat, and deadlift and I’ll be using my final top sets from this week to establish my starting strength baseline:

  • Bench press: 185 x 5
  • Squat: 210 x 5
  • Deadlift: 245 x 5

I’m kinda surprised by my deadlift. In fact, it feels like what is going to be my initial limiter on the deadlift is my grip strength. So far, I’ve been using an underhand grip. I think sometime near the end of next week, I may switch to a mixed grip to increase my grip ability so I can continue progressing with the deadlift. Though I’ll need to start working in some grip strengthening exercises in the meantime.

Today’s bench press sets are a bit disappointing. Part of the issue today was that I was working in with someone, rather than alone, so did not take as much time to rest in between sets as I would when alone. Still, I’m starting to think my progression on the bench press may end up being slower than I anticipated.

One thing that I’ve noticed is that on my workout days, the workout seems to abate my hunger. Within a few hours of my eat window on my workout days, food starts to crowd my mind. Also, regardless of which day, now on the leangains intermittent fasting protocol, whenever I’m about to eat – though apparently this only happens with food that I must chew (not protein shakes or anything I drink), I salivate a lot when the “move food from bowl/plate to mouth command” starts being executed.