Weekend Update

I’m going to have to wait until Tuesday to get a phone that I’ve been waiting for since last week Wednesday. I won the auction for my very own Samsung Galaxy Note last week but for some reason, paypal would not allow me to make an instant payment. I thought it was because there were some uncleared items in my account. However, even after they posted on that Friday, I still was not given the option for an instant payment. So I went ahead with an e-check which was scheduled to clear this Wednesday. I’d assumed the seller would ship on Wednesday, however it would appear that he did not. Despite messages from myself, paypal, and ebay, he did not ship until today, when I sent yet another message asking for a tracking number.

Moving to other things, I’ve been on my 1000 calories a day diet since the start of February and I may have reached a plateau with my weight loss. My strength gains have also started to slow down and the slowdown seem more limited by my nutrition than other factors. Working with formulas suggested by Andy Morgan here which follows Martin Berkhan’s leangains protocol , I’ve decided to end my 1000 calories per day diet two weeks early and switch to a protocol that attempts to satisfy the macronutrient requirements for Andy’s cutting formula. Based on my body composition at the beginning of March (and change from this Sunday), I will decide whether to continue it through March or make adjustments as needed.

According to his calculator, my BMR (using an activity multiplier of 1) is about 2008.64 (I round that down to 2000). Using that as my base, I’m on the +10%/-35% split for training and rest days. I’ve also decided (independently of the change in diet) to reduce my training sessions to 3 days a week from every other day as I’ve been doing for the past two weeks. I may increase that based on how my workouts feel between now and March. Planning my meals is going to require a bit more work, since I’m now more focused on hitting macronutrient levels, rather than caloric ones. But I think, after the first week, I’ll have a better intuition or at least preference for where I get my low fat carbs. Picking low fat low carb food is easy – after doing Atkins, you have a pretty good grasp of that.

Anyway, in case I don’t update this blog to coincide with my video tomorrow, here are the stat changes from two weeks ago:

  • Weight: 198.6lbs -> 194lbs
  • Bodyfat: 21% -> 19.8%
  • Bench press: 185 x 5 -> still at 185
  • Squat: 250 x 5 -> 275 x 3
  • Deadlift: 295 x 5 -> 340 x 2



2 Responses to Weekend Update

  1. Micah says:

    Nice work on your increases in lifting. Kind of crazy reading your blog since I have recently started the leangains plan, and have been reading rippedbody.jp as well. 1000 calories is crazy low…but more power to you if you’re able to continue functioning with that. Just make sure you are still taking vitamins to fill the in gaps created by eating such a restricted calorie diet. Personally I’ve cut about 6lbs doing this protocol since the beginning of Feb, and have found it easier and easier to follow as the weeks continue. I also read in another post that you were using ketostix, which I have since looked into and will likely try. Along the same lines, I also recently read about Cyclical Ketogenic Dieting…basically a similar approach to Martin’s LeanGains protocol, but using the weekend as the “high carb” days, rather than just doing it on your lifting days. From what I’ve read, it seems that the reasoning would be to burn fat all week long for energy, and replace all glycogen stores during the weekend only. I havent tried going this route yet, but from what I have read a lot of people who try leangains and have mixed results usually respond well to this Cyclical Ketogenics. (http://www.bodybuilding.com/fun/cyclical_ketogenic_diet.htm).

    Anyway, keep up the good work man…your results have been great, and your tracking of information is helpful to others like me who are following similar eating/lifting plans. I haven’t read EVERYTHING here yet, but was curious if you have been taking many supplements/had accelerated results using them? Thanks

    • weethomas says:


      So I’d been taking supplements for a few weeks about a month ago but based on my strength gains, performance in the gym, and weight changes, I couldn’t really quantify any definite effect, so once they ran out, I just stopped. Anyway, over the past week during my resupply trip at GNC, I got some promo supplements – with the usual mix of caffeine, yohimbe, and two other “fat burner” things. And after having been off them for a while, I definitely noticed a bump in my energy level at the gym. So for now, I’m just going to keep it simple, either caffeine only or a caffeine yohimbe mix. The problem is, I’d have to do several cycles of 2 weeks lifting with supplements, then two not to be really sure that they’re having an effect, and it is not just coincidence or a really good lift day.

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