Leangains Update

So, after my Sunday to Sunday tracking of calories consumed, weight, body fat percentage, and body water, here are the results.

I started at 201lbs with about 22% bodyfat (44.22lbs fat) and 51.3% body water (leaving 53.667lbs lean body weight).

I ended at 198.4lbs with about 20.5% bodyfat (40.672lbs fat) and 52.7% body water (leaving 53.1712lbs lean body weight).

Total calorie consumption for the week was 8927 calories. Total fat loss in calories (assuming 3500 calories per lb) is 12418 calories. Given the small change in lean body mass, I decided to exclude it from further calculation. So, adding back the fat loss, my total calories over the 7 days was 21345 calories which comes out to 3049.285 calories per day on average. Keep in mind this is my calorie requirement to NOT GAIN or LOSE weight with my current activity level and exercise routine.

However, this was just one week. So, I really need another week of tracking to get a better idea of how things will go in the long run. Perhaps this was just a really good week. (So far this week, I’ve been eating more) and while the exercise may be the same, I feel I’ve been less active in the other parts of my day.

Still, I’m thinking I can effect 12lbs of fat loss through February with minimal change in lean mass (hopefully actually gain here) and 10lbs of fat loss again with minimal change in lean mass in March. This will leave me (assuming worst case that I lose no fat this week) at about 18lbs of body fat and around 176lbs weight (depending on my water levels and assuming minimal change in lean mass). Putting me at 10.227% bodyfat (my short term – before summer – goal is 10%). If I gain 4lbs of lean mass so 18lbs fat at 180lbs body weight, I’d be exactly at 10%!

So, achieving my goal by the end of March is definitely something within reach. I’m thinking of experimenting with doing cardio on my non-workout days (but still eating approximately the same amount) for the first two weeks of February and seeing how that affects my strength workouts and fat loss. I’d be willing to trade off an extra 2lbs of fat loss a week for up to 0.5lbs of lean muscle loss


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