Workout Into The New Year

One worry that I had with resuming the low carb dieting, aside from the effect of Christmas on the diet, is losing any strength gains that I’d made since the last time I’d stopped. While Christmas may have slowed down my fat loss, I seem to have maintained or even gained strength. I say “seem” because until I get back into an actual gym and workout on equipment where I’ve recorded my one rep and full set maximums, I can’t be absolutely sure.

Over the holidays, I did a lot of fitness and bodybuilding reading. There were a lot of articles and programs targeted at taking guys in ok shape but around 20% body fat and building enough muscle and losing enough fat in! 2 weeks that they reached (so they claim) single digit bodyfat percentages. At the same time, the bodybuilding articles all seem to indicate that pros tend to use the 12 weeks prior to a competition for their cutting phase. So it would appear that I have two pieces of conflicting information.

 Anyway, my current plan is to stick to the diet through January and evaluate my fat loss at the end of the month. Then I can decide whether I still need to focus on cutting or try a clean bulk where I continue adding muscle mass without gaining fat. The goal is to reach a point of sustainable low (8-12%) bodyfat where I can worry about maintaining on a week by week basis and not have to track what I’m eating everyday. For example, once I’m at my goal, if one week I measure myself at 14% body fat I can just ensure I get extra cardio in the following week and reducemy portions.

The trickiest thing I also need to accomplish is to determine my daily metabolic rate for a typical day without exercise. Based on my experience, this is significantly below 2000 calories. Once I know what it is, I can start working on training my stomach and body to be satisfied on that many calories a day. That way I’m always on the cusp of burning fat.


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