Merry Christmas to All

Happy holidays to everyone!

Not that this is quite the time to review the year but looking back, time has gone by pretty quickly. It has been six months since I started this blog, though almost a year since I ended my last one. I’d planned on resuming earlier but a lack of motivation and other issues got in the way. Though my goal of daily updates seemed to quickly fall by the wayside. Yet the idea mill still runs and I think I have figured out a way to work out the daily blogging. . . in yet another blog. . . perhaps I should make one of those too – YAB. I also need to get around to populating some of my latest posts with pictures. . .

The make or break semester for school is coming up. I really feel that if I don’t finish this semester, I will have little motivation to really pursue things any further. So, over this holiday, I really need to buckle down and execute on my research work. The slow progress I’m making is crazy and disgusting. You’d think seeing everyone around me moving forward with their lives would be a strong enough stimulus. Not to mention that I’ve never truly returned to the lifestyle that my income warrants.

At least other parts of my life are showing some improvements. I’m back on low carb diet once again to lose fat. This time, I plan to incorporate significant exercise throughout most of the diet phase and then ramp back up to normal carb intake while maintaining exercise. This afternoon I ran through some calculations. There are many ways to reach my goals. The most direct is to lose 20lbs of pure fat while maintaining my lean muscle. The next involve losing close to the same amount of fat, but gaining more muscle mass. It is amazing, losing just 5lbs of fat gets me to the same body fat percentage as gaining 20lbs of muscle. Clearly, the easiest thing to do is lose the weight and as much fat as possible – this way, future muscle gains have a greater impact.

I’d initially planned on sticking to the diet until I dropped to 190lbs then transitioning off (I’m currently at 200lbs) but now I’m thinking of holding out till about 180lbs. I’ve also been doing a bit more reading because I realized that my primary goal isn’t to increase strength but the aesthetic look of my body. So my post diet workouts will start looking more like bodybuilding workouts than strength building. Though at the stage I’m in, perhaps they’re the same.

I really need to find a way to motivate myself next year. Like putting aside $2 each hour I work towards a new phone where I can only spend the money I earn on the phone. Or some other prize. But something. Then I can castigate myself later on how getting a new phone is about as interesting to me as getting a PhD at the moment.


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