Hey, What Happened to Your Diet Plan Thing?

Good question. I haven’t really written anything about it and I stopped my usual tidbit in every post about what I weighed in at or how my week went diet and exercise-wise. So, time for a brief update. In the past month, my gym time has diminished significantly. I’ve gone from being at the gym 6 days a week in September to average 1 day in October. My eating has been haphazard. I went off the low carb when I reached 205lbs at the beginning of September and in two months I’m pretty much at the same weight – just weighed in this morning at 202.2lbs. By haphazard eating, I mean that I’ve not been actively maintaining the right balance of food or a specific caloric target. I just eat when I get hungry or going out and since I’m no longer on the low carb thing, my alcohol consumption has gone up from where it was during the summer.

Recently though,  I decided to really give the drink 8 glasses of water a day thing a serious try. For some reason, it’s seemed harder to do now than it did in the summer. Though I suppose when you’re in the gym almost every day, you tend to dehydrate pretty often so getting in that much water is much easier. Also recently, due to various reasons, I’ve been eating around 1500 calories a day. Now, I don’t think I’ve yet made it to 8 glasses (or 64 ounces total) of water per day. I’ve been drinking from 16.9oz bottles and just filling them when empty and I think at best I’ve been getting through three bottles a day. One trick to help manage weight long term is to drink a glass of water before eating and after eating. It works as a form of appetite control in two major ways. First by satisfying your thirst – which many people confuse with hunger and eat when what their body is really telling them is that they’re thirsty and secondly by starting to fill your stomach so you get full on less food.

Now, for whatever reason, I didn’t actually feel like my appetite was changing. The first day that I drank three bottles, I also ate two footlong subway sandwiches and according to a couple online sources, that was about 1750 calories that day. Anyway, this morning, I just happen to look in the mirror and notice that my abs are a lot more visible (when flexing or sucking in my stomach). Which just floored me. So I got on the scale and yep, down a couple pounds since my last visit but also my body fat percentage went from 24.6% to 22.4%. According to my last log entry, on 09.02.2011, I weighed 203lbs at 24.6% bodyfat. So, that’s 49.938lbs of fat. Now, my body has 45.2928lbs of fat. So though I only lost 1lb of weight in 2 months time, I’ve lost 4.7lbs of fat.

So, some takeaways from all this:

  • My September workout routine really helped to build lean muscle while burning fat.
  • Though it didn’t seem like anything was changing (unlike the summer where I dropped 10-15lbs depending on where you start counting), my routine did have an effect.
  • I was worried that getting to the bodyfat percentage where I’d have nice abdominal muscle definition would result in me being very skinny and at 185lbs. It appears that I can maintain my current weight and still reach that goal.
  • I need to resume my workout routine, especially now that I see it’s been working all along!

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