Am I Stupid?

I have an appointment to see a car tomorrow. The car currently does not run, the owner claims there is some electrical issue, though he’s not yet completely outlined everything he’s done to diagnose it. There are a few other cosmetic issues which will allow me to attack his asking price. Frankly, it would be awesome to be able to get the car. Unfortunately, doing so will dramatically stretch my budget. There is already a trip to Vegas in the works and I’d recently started buying up parts to fix another car so I will really need to be able to hold firm if my asking price is not met – assuming I want to try and purchase the car. It is tough because it could very well be a relatively simple problem to fix which will allow me to nearly double my investment once sold.

Well, so I went to see the car, and made an offer. Perhaps I could have gotten it for a couple hundred less, but I’m semi-committed to buying it in a couple days. And. . . I don’t exactly have all the cash to do so. I can borrow money temporarily, but that will need to be paid back, the sooner, the better. If I could sell my laptop for about $500 less than what I paid (1.5 months ago) and my awesome projector for $50 less than what I paid (almost 1.5 months ago), that will cover just about all that I’m borrowing. But I’d still need another laptop, much cheaper yes, but still likely in the $300-500 range. I suppose the other thing to do would be to sell off a few parts that I bought to fix up my broke car since I’m not actually going to be doing anything with those for a while anyway. That would help cover the replacement laptop, rest of the borrowed money, and leave me a to spend in Vegas.

I will definitely need to line up a part time job now. There is just no way getting around it. But I’m 90% sure that I know what’s wrong with the car. And assuming that I’m correct, I could be ready to sell it by the end of the month and make back all the money leaving my pockets plus more. This is going to be a big gamble. . . a big one.


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