That Didn’t Take Long: The Answer to Yesterday’s Post

I realized after a few hours of contemplation and reading that I’ve been doing things the right way all along. At the beginning of all relationships, everyone seems promising. That’s the nature of the game (assuming you’re making those initial choices wisely). It is either coincidental that I’ve always just been in the getting to know someone stage at the moment I’ve made the decision to pursue people exclusively or that my state of happiness and satisfaction somehow attracts others – a phenomenon that is certainly not exclusive to me.

But the correct decision is to put an end to other relationships, budding as they may be, and focus on the person who has managed to find themselves a big part of your world. This is no easy feat. Most of us are quite busy individuals. Our typical life schedule doesn’t really admit time for anyone new. Yet somehow, we always manage to find time for her. This isn’t an accident. So, as of today, I’m officially off the market. I’ve shut down everything that was pending or on the backburner. I’ve closed down all dating profiles. I’m now preparing for the next step.

We’ve established that we have big picture compatibility. We have rudimentary conflict resolution skills. We seem to share things (mostly) completely and honestly (some things take time to reveal – you can’t rush intimacy and trust). So now it’s time to check the small stuff. I enjoy cooking, she doesn’t – I’ve never been in a long term relationship with someone who doesn’t cook, how will I handle that (from a rational standpoint, it is not necessary, but many things in relationships aren’t always rational).


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