Back to the Drawing Board

Well, this has been an interesting couple weeks.

So, things fizzled out with the friend of a friend that I’d been trying to date. I guess I should have expected this. The signs were all there. I call and she responds later via text. She doesn’t reschedule things or suggest alternatives when she’s busy and leaves them to me. Or maybe I did know, but still continued the ever optimistic guy thing of playing along. I think there is an argument to be made that men are either the most optimistic of the sexes, or we’re driven by sex a lot more than previously acknowledged. A few nights ago, I was having a conversation with someone about male and female friends and dating. I told her that there are two ways guys know that they’re in the friend zone. The first is when they ask a woman out and she turns them down, but they remain friends. The second  is when she discusses problems she’s having with a man that she’s dating or being intimate with him. I then remarked that while I know that women can tell they’re in the friend zone from the former scenario, I’m not sure if the latter exists – and we pretty much narrowed it down to that women don’t continue being friends with men who turn them down.

So all within the same week, my best (female) friend became single, I met an awesome woman (with whom I had the conversation just described), and I learned that my ex is moving (or has moved) back to Pittsburgh. The last item wouldn’t be such a big deal were it not for the fact that she’d given me the impression that she was just going to be here for a wedding and wanted to get coffee to “catch up”.

So aside from all that, I’m back to procrastination land when it comes to my research work. And now that I’m back dating full-time, I need money again, so I need to step up looking for a part-time job. I’m also now going back to eating low carb on my non strength workout days and forcing myself to actually go running on the non-strength days as well. This will be the first week of this new workout change, hopefully I can keep it up. I’ve been oscillating around 203lbs so far this month, but I think by October, I’ll be down to 200 and perhaps have my scale read sub 20% bodyfat. I know my scale is not accurate, but I hope that it is precise and that the accuracy issue is simply one due to not being able to “zero” the bodyfat measurement. (So, I hope that it always gives me something X higher than the actual percentage where X is a constant).


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