Dreams of my Best Friend

So, starting a bit over a week ago, for a few days I had intense dreams starring one of my best friends, we’ll call her Maria. I’d met her several years ago, and like all “platonic” friendships, she was not available for me. But we had a class together and for whatever reason, she wanted to work with me so we did and slowly became pretty good friends. Since then, we’ve never been mutually single, but for the most part, I’ve kept her as just a friend in my head.

But not so recent events has strained our contact, school, work, relationships, and since we no longer even live in the same city, opportunities to hang out are few. But in the past month, we’ve spent about two weekends together. She was in the “area” visiting family and prepping for a trip and so we took advantage of the chance to catch up. And after all this catching up, she’s suddenly starring in my dreams. The first time it happened, I immediately woke up thinking “Hey, that’s Maria! This isn’t supposed to happen”. But after a few more times, I gave in to my subconscious.

Yes, in many ways we are very compatible, but I also know from being her friend and knowing her very well all these years that there are parts of us that are not. But that’s how things are with everyone. Whoever I meet and with whom I initially have a connection, we we have compatible and not so compatible parts. The difference here is that with Maria, I know a lot of these ahead of time. I think part of the renewed fantasizing comes from our discussions. This time around, we talked a lot about relationships, what we wanted in a partner, the kinds of people we were attracted to, sex, and other topics. Perhaps all that just served as fuel for my imagination.


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