My Vaio is Here!

I haven’t posted in a while. Don’t really have a good reason. I suppose I’ve been a bit more busy, but that’s little excuse. Yesterday, my new laptop arrived. I’ve posted a mini-review on one of my other blogs ( which I’ve decided to start using primary for tech related stuff. Not that I won’t bring it up here from time to time, but that isn’t the main thrust here.

Regarding my workout/diet plan, my focus has shifted to a mixture of strength training and cardio. I was doing some reading on calculating body fat (I wanted alternative methods to my scale’s bio-impedance analysis) and found that unless 100% of the weight I’d lost between now and my goal was fat, I’d still not be at the bodyfat percentage that I want. What I would be is a smaller guy, having lost some fat but also muscle and other mass. Anyway, I’ve found that my best bet may be an exchange of muscle for fat. The strength training and cardio will help ensure that most of the net weight I lose is fat or I replace fat weight for muscle. Either way, my real target – decreasing my bodyfat percentage will be achieved. Losing weight was just how I’d initially expected to accomplish this.

Schoolwise, I need to get on the ball. I’m in the process of scheduling my proposal exam and augmenting my existing proposal document. I think if I can double the size, I will allay the fears of everyone who made their decision based on its heft. Still, this requires actually sitting down and working, though now that I have a laptop, I think this is more likely. While I feel fine coding and running simulations on my desktop in the lab, I’m still very much a person who likes working on his own machine. Despite my insistence that I’m trying to move away from bringing work home. If that was the case, I could have saved $1000 and bought a cheaper, not so powerful, and perhaps .25lbs heavier laptop.


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