This day is too relaxed

I weighed in at 205.4lbs this morning but forgot my gym clothes when I left for school. I suppose I could go jogging after I get back home. I’ll need to see if I can find a route that would be about 4 miles. While I ran 5 yesterday, outdoor running is always a different beast.

I had an informal interview with a startup company this morning. They seem interesting though I’m not quite sure how exactly I’ll fit in. I guess it is one of those thing where if I want to pursue it, I’ll really need to spend time on my own immersing myself in the technology until I find the thing that sparks my interest. I guess I’m lucky in that way – I can usually find something interesting across a wide variety of fields. Problem solving skills tend to have universal application.

The only thing left to do today, aside from getting some research work done, is finding a place to crash for Wednesday night in NYC. This will be my first real sightseeing/fun trip to the city. All my other ones have been part of school trips or quick in/out affairs (like for my cousin’s wedding several years ago).


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