Busy Busy Weekend

Well, a long one at that.

Thursday afternoon, I’d left the lab to go home to cook a late lunch. As I was settling down to enjoy my third helping while watching an episode of HIMYM, I got a call from a friend of mine. “What are you doing. . . right NOW?” “Umm, eating lunch and watching HIMYM”. “Want to go sailing? We’re leaving like now”. So I grabbed my trunks and a towel and hightailed it out of there. And the sailing was fun. I didn’t do too much, aside from help man the jib sail and pack up stuff afterwards, but it was pretty relaxing, the stars were great, and we did get some good waves.

Then today was the Pittsburgh Vintage Car Association’s car show (and I guess qualifiers or runs of cars that will be in the grand prix tomorrow). It was a pretty amazing event, though I was a bit worried that I’d make it, having to creep in traffic for nearly 45 minutes. My car absolutely hates idling. . . the temperature gauge just keeps creeping up. I’m starting to think the radiator needs to be replaced (or if I’m lucky, one of the coolant hoses), but that’s a topic for another blog.

My car seemed to have gotten a lot of interested lookers. I even met yet another guy who’d just narrowly missed buying it by a couple hours. I’m really glad I scheduled a morning meet with the previous owner. I also got to check out a lot of the cars that would race in the grand prix. I’d thought that racing would be something I’d like to do next year, but it seems that all the race cars are dedicated race cars. They all have pretty standard roll cages, race seats, lightened for racing (ie minimal interior). I don’t remember (though I’ll need to check my pictures and video) any of them carrying license plates which means they are not street driven. I guess I may just stick to autocross for now.

And continuing with the doing new stuff this weekend, tonight I’m heading out to Wexford to check out Cabana bar. I’ve heard some things about it – very nice establishment, expensive drinks, and cougar den. Some friends and I have talked about going, but they’re all out of town this week. So I’ll be the front man. Go in, scout the place, and make my recommendation on whether it is worth a repeat visit.

And as usual, an update on the diet plan. I weighed in at 206.8lbs today. I’ve decided to modify my exercise routine a bit. My plan is to run for at least 1 hour, 3 times a week. We’ll see just how well I keep up with that and whether it accelerates my fat burning.


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