Pheromones are in the air

I’ve come to the conclusion that women give off detectable pheromones at certain times. Sorry, but I font know about guys. what motivates this conclusion is the memory if this past weekend and done if my previous relationships.

So, in my entire dating life, I know I have missed lots of signs, clues, and hints from women directed to me. I an in no way a perfect nonverbal communication machine. But once I have picked up on the initial interest, I have never made a move that was not wanted. In fact, somehow, I always knew the right moment to kiss someone our lead them to the bedroom. Oh, and guys, you should make a habit of asking (later) when did you decide to kiss me/sleep with me?

Trust me, if you have gotten that far, there is nothing unusual our awkward about the question. The answers help you hone your instincts, learn more about your partner, and even yourself.

For example, last Friday night. We’d been sitting next to each other, flirting and chatting, and enjoying the evening. Then she asked a question, I looked at her and in that moment it was as if time slowed down. I felt her fingers on my legs stop, the small posting of her lips, flare of her nostrils, and knew immediately and instinctively to kiss her. We moved towards each other in synchrony, as if we’d set our watches ahead if time and an invisible and silent alarm had gone off.

I don’t even remember what the exact question was about. I think it was something silly and fun. There was nothing that someone dotting across the room with binoculars retained on us could sees and say to themselves aha, they are going to . . . the way I often predict what is about to happen in the shows I watch because 60% of the dialog and action is telegraphed by the rest. But I knew and she knew.

Or like the first time my ex and I made love. We didn’t have sex on our first few dates. Despite several of them involving us watching movies our playing games at my apartment. And it’s not like our hands and lips ee kept to ourselves at all times. But on that day, as I kissed her in my arms, I knew. And when I asked her afterwards, she confirmed that my intuition had been right

I could give example after example. But I’m convinced that pheromones are the lowest common denominator. Something was in the air.

I weighed in at 209.6lbs today. Though it was mostly my daily that I didn’t lose anything this week. The weekend was a bust – way too much carbs were consumed.


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