I am the tech king!

So, I’d mentioned the Dell Streak phones I was buying to fix and resell. Unfortunately, I ran into a small snag. It appears one of them has a broken dock port. As a result, I can’t charge it’s battery using the charger. It was the first phone I’d put up for sale, luckily though, all the others are here and I can swap that one out in the sale and list another so that prospective buyers know about the defect. I’ll have to throw in my charger which means I’ll need to buy another, but that’s the game I guess.

My pocket projector arrived over the weekend. I’m excited about this because while I still haven’t figured out if it’s an impulse buy, I now have portable projector capability and can watch movies on my ceiling. Though I need to figure out how exactly I’m going to mount the thing. I noticed what appears to be a IR window on the back of the projector. I need to check if there is a remote available for it. That would be great – because one of my concerns was interacting with media without having to reach for the laptop or phone. Of course, the remote would be limited to media played from SD cards or USB connected devices and I haven’t yet found out if I’ll need to convert videos so that the projector could play them. But we’ll discover all of this in due time.

Otherwise now I’m just waiting on my tablet. It’s the one pictured above. Due to the earthquake in Japan, there has been an industry wide shortage/delay in components and while ordered at the beginning of this month, it is expected that my tablet won’t be ready until August (though they won’t charge my card until it actually ships). I daydream about how many people have also ordered and so would be ahead of me on the list of having their machines configured and built.

In other news, I weighed in at 207.6lbs. That’s about 6lbs down since I started the low carb diet a week ago. Three times as much as I lost in the two weeks that I did the 1000 calorie diet. Though if one believes my scale’s measurement of bodyfat, or at least accepts that while it may not be accurate, it is precise, of that 6lbs, only 1.5 has been fat.


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