Buying Rampage

Within a week, I will be the owner of three Dell Streak phones. I’ve been buying them for cheap online with plans to fix whatever issues they have and sell them. For example, the one that arrived today was advertised as not working. It arrived in great condition, without a battery or sdcard. Luckily, a set of batteries that I’d ordered arrived today as well. Within 5 minutes, I had the phone up and running. I expect it to sell for twice what I paid – though the profits will be a bit less than that once paypal and ebay take their cut.

One of them is actually mine to keep. I’d recently sold my AWS band Dell Streak to cover a budget shortfall and happened to find one on ebay. Selling the other two will pretty much cover the price of what will become my permanent phone. If this goes well, perhaps I might make it a habit to checkup on phone auctions to snap up easy fixes. Only about 30 minutes of my time (including going to the post office) to make $150 seems pretty decent.

Speaking of gadgets, I’d also ordered myself a pocket projector. I’m still trying to figure out whether I’d classify this as an impulse buy. So far, I’m not coming up with too many usage scenarios and even the primary reason for buying (watching movies on my bedroom ceiling) seems kinda weak – just how often would I choose to watch movies in bed than on the living room projector? Don’t get me started on my new tablet. Technically I’ve not bought it yet, since they don’t charge my card until the unit is built and ready to ship, but still. . .

Today I weighed in at 212 lbs. Today also marks the start of my ultra low carb two week diet. We’ll see how this goes. I’ve even recruited a friend to give it a try. I was expecting to eat a bit more on the 4th, but ended up with just a normal amount.


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