Questions Questions Questions

This morning around 8am, I weighed in at 215lbs. Now, about 2:15pm, I’m at 212.8lbs. I will use this as my official weight for the day. But it has me wondering; why the big change? All that I’ve done between the morning weigh-in and now is to check email, buy some car stuff, and do a bit of work on my car. It’s been a nice and warm day, but I’ve not perspired excessively where I could see losing that much water.

I’d been worrying about just how well my current weight loss plan would work out. So far, it’s been going slower than I’d like but I think I’ll stick to the current calorie intake and workout routine until at least the end of next week. Then, if I feel I need to make a change, I will up my workouts to one hour instead of the current 30 minutes by adding an additional 30 minutes of pure cardio.


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