Women have built-in Satisfaction Detectors

I’ve made this argument before: Women can detect the sweet sweet smell of new happiness. Specifically, I’m talking about relationship happiness. And for some reason, the recently new happiness is a powerful aphrodisiac. The ambrosia for the man who has just started dating again. Let me explain.

I think a lot of guys have experienced this. You are single, you go out and mingle, and come away feeling like a social pariah. Nobody seems interested or wants to hear about the awesome fish you caught last weekend. But then you run into someone who does. She’s cute, pretty, and interesting. You tentatively go out a few times and actually have a lot of fun. You start to relax and enjoy yourself. Now when you go out, you don’t care if anyone really wants to chat with you. You can sit and drink by yourself if you want, cut up a rug on the dance floor just to have fun. And in that moment is when they pounce.

Seriously, pouncing. In the past two weeks, I’m the one being approached, not the other way round. I wouldn’t quite set my watch by it, but now this has become a regular thing. Even happens when the you breakup and get back together with the same person. I even ran into a girl (and when I say girl, I mean woman. If I’m talking about people under 22, I tend to call them kids) that I’d dated a bit over a year ago while grocery shopping. Speaking of which, everyone makes noises when I tell them I prefer the Bethel Park Geagle over any of the closer Market District ones. This weekend definitely proved my bias is well founded.

Then there was also my ex semi spontaneously emailing me last week. That said, this period of attraction tends to have a short shelf life, perhaps 2-3 weeks. It would seem that my first week has already gone by, so I must be sure to make the most of what’s left. If there was ever a time to charm someone into dropping library card fines or giving me an extra student discount, this is the time!

I weighed in at 213.4lbs this morning. I’m hoping for bigger progress this week.


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