I did not see this coming

Last night I went out on the southside. Apparently all my friends were busy with other things so it was just me. I started at Elixir rather than Tiki Lounge because Tiki was getting to be a bit too young for me and I’ve been wanting a change. Unfortunately, I forgot my phone so I was unable to check-in and get closer to getting the free drink or whatever at Elixir. I had three Grand Marnier on the rocks, danced for a while, then decided to goto Tiki Lounge anyway.

Tiki actually was fun. The dance floor was more packed, young yes, but fun nevertheless. I’d gone down to get a drink from one of my bartenders when I ran into two girls who apparently were bored and wanted to talk. They told me they thought I was drunk. Apparently it was because I walked by them alone or something. I think there was more to it, but didn’t bother trying to delve down to figure it out. It was good to chat with them, they were fun, and one ended up serving as my wing later in the night after I went back on the dance floor.

So I’m dancing there and I see this cute, hot girl looking at me. It is pretty quick, but I’m relatively sure it’s me. The thing is she’s already dancing with some guy, but I’m 99% sure she’s giving me the come dance with me looks. I give a it minute, then go over. Turns out I was right. It was fun and I later get her numbers, phone and age. She’s 21 – usually too young for me, but apparently hotness trumps my usual caution. I introduced her to my new friends from earlier and they promptly disappear to the bathroom for a few minutes. Hearing good things about me no doubt. Luckily I brought my cards with me last night so not having my phone wasn’t as much of a handicap.

Really though, I would have made it work. My bartender would have given me paper and whatever else I needed if I asked.

Anyway, I weighed in at 213.4lbs this morning. I’m relatively happy with that, though would’ve liked a bit more. I guess I was just retaining water or something a couple nights ago. Yesterday I went out for lunch – probably about 1500 calories, then four drinks later in the evening. I need to instruct my bartenders to make sure to give me a cup of water everytime I close my tab. I’m fine now, but waking up at 11 means the alcohol put me out for 8 hours.


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