Well, I promised to try

I think if I had a theme or general idea in mind, daily writing would be easier. Right now, it is going to be a bit haphazard.

I was recently loaned a Kindle to read a book recommended to me. Now, one thing to know about me is that I used to be a voracious reader. It is not something that has necessarily changed, but due to the pressures of work and other things, I just don’t have as much time to spend reading as in the past. Or perhaps I’m no longer taking time away from other work to read like I did. Also, I very much prefer reading physical books. For example, from time to time, while working on a project, I’d need to reference something in a 100 page pdf. Sure, you could just open the document and read through it but after a while, I would need to print it out. I could handle having to page through it on the PC for about a week, but if I needed to access that data consistently, then it went on paper.

I do appreciate the convenience of reading e-books. PDAs can hold a lot more books than pockets on long trips (though it has been many years since I’ve had one). My phone now pretty much serves the same purpose. With the Kindle being bigger than my phone and after reading this book, I think I’m softening a bit towards e-books. I think one thing that would make a bigger impact for me is waterproofing. If I had a waterproof e-reader, then I’d be free to read in the tub with the jets on. And once that started, I can see it snowballing into a time that I reserve for reading.

Now, I do have some functional quirks with the Kindle and thinking about it makes me realize that unlike libraries or bookstores, where you have the opportunity to try out a book in different formats (hardback, paperback, etc), there currently doesn’t exist a store or location where you can do the same for e-readers. The current ones on the market have a pricing model tied to a specific set of publishers or bookstore making the concept of a one-stop shop not quite so palatable. (A one stop shop would have a higher margin selling e-readers with subscription models built-in that doesn’t directly benefit them).

So, this is the world I live in. But who knows, maybe my new tablet will start to change that.

Anyway, weighed in at 215lbs this morning.


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