Summer Workout Plan

Ok, so technically it isn’t a workout plan. There will actually not be that much in the way of workouts. Instead, this is more of a tone up plan. As we all know, weight loss primarily depends on diet or you could just workout. The problem with both is that significant long term changes are hard to keep up and whatever gains (or loss) as the case may be end up going away. Regardless of all this, I’m going to try it out. Why?

Well, I already see this as temporary. Drop about 25lbs, see how it feels/looks. If I like it then I can use the motivation to stay that way to make changes to the diet and exercise routine that will help maintain the look. If not, I’d have learned what I need to do to lose that much weight, hit the gym, and sometime in the winter, try again. It is the perfect plan.

So, what’s the diet part – wean myself down to 1000 calories per day. I thought it was simple. There’s been plenty of times I was broke and you can bet eating on $1 per day keeps your calorie count pretty low. But I’m not broke now and looking at what I normally eat, I’m around 2000 – 2500 per day. That Chipotle calorie calculator sure is nifty. Even one of my normal burritos breaks my 1000 calorie budget by almost 10%. So for now, I’m giving myself the leeway to do up to 1500, but slowly start working my way down.

How? Well, ultimately, I think it will be of the form of having one “large” 500 cal meal and smaller snacks throughout the day. To wean myself down, I need to start moving towards that mode. So taking my normal 1000+ calorie meal, and forcing myself to eat it over a longer period of time. Or a half now half later sorta deal. A friend and I were talking about this a couple days ago and I said flavored water needs to play a big role here. She asked why and at the time I couldn’t remember the most salient reason so I just gave one about not liking to buy water unless there was something extra involved. Then I remembered: If the water is flavored, it goes a longer way towards psychologically satisfying my hunger – which I think is more important in some cases than the physical.

While I was writing my masters and living on $1 of food per day, I could spend 12-20 hours working without the thought of food. I was so single-minded that it made it easy to ignore hunger or have it satisfied with just water. I suppose this probably means I need to find more motivation for my work, given that I’m now in a similar situation, but we’ll cross one bridge at a time.

I always start writing these things with the idea of updating every day. This will be tough, but I’m going to give it a shot. Perhaps over the course of this summer, I can learn new habits. Starting weight was 215lbs on Monday. This morning, I weighed in at 213.4lbs.


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