Ah, the First Post – Procrastination Awaits!

Well, this is interesting. Arguably, this should be one of my busiest days. And like usual, I’m working on everything but the items at hand. I’ve caught up on two webcomics already this morning and now have started a new blog which I’ve been putting off. Actually, I have yet another blog to start – I’ve even composed most of the first post to myself in an email a few months ago – so I’m an expert at this procrastination thing.

As promised (though under a different name), I will return to the blogging world. Today marks the first true day as Mr. Wee Thomas and the death of the old me. Nevermore shall the old post or comment. It seems sad to now relegate that persona to serve as yet another email repository and holder of much of the images made public via picasa. Nevertheless, I think it must be done to facilitate a clean break. Well, a semi clean break. Because since I don’t have too much idea on content at the moment, I’ll instead post things that are currently works in progress.

The erotic mnemonic I use to remember it, the code to your heart, the key to your smile.

I will never forget it so long as I live. To you my heart will I always give.

You flew through my life, a hurricane Katrina. And when you were gone, yet still did I need ya.

Come Dasher, come Dancer, now Prancer and Vixen. You were all these things which now I am missing.

Believer in yourself and reach for the starts; unfortunately for me you were always on Mars.

We promised each other we’d always be truthful. But always my fault, twas I too youthful.

I gave us one chance, then two and then three. But always we fought, just you against me.

Our love was too strong, our expectations great. Perhaps this explains why, the envy and hate.

I thought when I met you, you were perfect for me. You never did see what really makes me.

I got too comfortable, assumed too much; and we put ourselves in a situation leaving little choice.

And now I know this, have I become jaded. My defenses up, my trust now faded.

You’re now far away, perhaps it’s for the best. The erotic mnemonic, I’ll forever pass your test.

Seeing this here now, I realize that apparently I write really short pieces. I guess I need to start working on that.


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