Six Pack, Here I come!

Today I weighed in at 213.2lbs. I’ve decided to go low carb for a while. I even ordered some Ketostix to help me figure out when my body has made the switch-over. The problem is that I currently have a store of high carb food in my fridge – 10 ears of corn and some hamburger helper things that are high in carbs. I figure with a good amount of exercise and activity, over the next few days I can knock out those foods and minimize any weight gain they may cause.

I’m also going to have to cut out carbs from alcohol. So, this means sticking to distilled spirits in the short term. No more beer or grand marnier. Just all vodka or whiskey, etc. That won’t be too hard.


Questions Questions Questions

This morning around 8am, I weighed in at 215lbs. Now, about 2:15pm, I’m at 212.8lbs. I will use this as my official weight for the day. But it has me wondering; why the big change? All that I’ve done between the morning weigh-in and now is to check email, buy some car stuff, and do a bit of work on my car. It’s been a nice and warm day, but I’ve not perspired excessively where I could see losing that much water.

I’d been worrying about just how well my current weight loss plan would work out. So far, it’s been going slower than I’d like but I think I’ll stick to the current calorie intake and workout routine until at least the end of next week. Then, if I feel I need to make a change, I will up my workouts to one hour instead of the current 30 minutes by adding an additional 30 minutes of pure cardio.

Yond Cassius has a Lean and Hungry Look

He thinks too much; such men are dangerous. Yes, we are. A curse of our birth.

Though perhaps I’ve been thinking too little. In my meeting with my adviser yesterday, in his roundabout way, he inveighed upon me to drastically step up my work effort on my dissertation. To be fair, I’ve been slacking. I keep thinking back towards my Masters and how much effort I put into it in the last few months, spending 12-16 solid hours a day for almost two months. I wonder what I’m missing now?

I suppose it is control and confidence. Then, I was pretty much in charge of everything that happened. I’d already published one conference and journal paper. I felt I had a good handle on the level of work necessary for the Masters, and I had feedback from my committee members. Even though my adviser was very hands off, I felt empowered and in control of what was going on. I was confident of the outcome of my defense and knew what I needed to accomplish to succeed and thus just worked towards that.

Even though we’ve discussed this, I still don’t feel completely confident in the current trajectory of my work. I keep thinking after it’s all done, the committee will want more. And for some reason, rather than getting through it to find out what little more they’d want, this fear or mental block or whatever it is is having the opposite effect. I end up stalling or only working in relatively short bursts.

When I was working full-time, there were times where I’d have projects or assignments that I didn’t necessarily feel that gung-ho about. But I’d plod through it, hour by hour, day by day and get it done. On time or early. I need to rekindle at least the plod through spirit here. Because in this home stretch, I don’t need that much inspiration or eureka moments. I just need the steady and continuous effort to work through what we’ve already planned and be done with it all.

Today I weighed in at 214.4lbs. I’m going to try NOT to think about it.

Women have built-in Satisfaction Detectors

I’ve made this argument before: Women can detect the sweet sweet smell of new happiness. Specifically, I’m talking about relationship happiness. And for some reason, the recently new happiness is a powerful aphrodisiac. The ambrosia for the man who has just started dating again. Let me explain.

I think a lot of guys have experienced this. You are single, you go out and mingle, and come away feeling like a social pariah. Nobody seems interested or wants to hear about the awesome fish you caught last weekend. But then you run into someone who does. She’s cute, pretty, and interesting. You tentatively go out a few times and actually have a lot of fun. You start to relax and enjoy yourself. Now when you go out, you don’t care if anyone really wants to chat with you. You can sit and drink by yourself if you want, cut up a rug on the dance floor just to have fun. And in that moment is when they pounce.

Seriously, pouncing. In the past two weeks, I’m the one being approached, not the other way round. I wouldn’t quite set my watch by it, but now this has become a regular thing. Even happens when the you breakup and get back together with the same person. I even ran into a girl (and when I say girl, I mean woman. If I’m talking about people under 22, I tend to call them kids) that I’d dated a bit over a year ago while grocery shopping. Speaking of which, everyone makes noises when I tell them I prefer the Bethel Park Geagle over any of the closer Market District ones. This weekend definitely proved my bias is well founded.

Then there was also my ex semi spontaneously emailing me last week. That said, this period of attraction tends to have a short shelf life, perhaps 2-3 weeks. It would seem that my first week has already gone by, so I must be sure to make the most of what’s left. If there was ever a time to charm someone into dropping library card fines or giving me an extra student discount, this is the time!

I weighed in at 213.4lbs this morning. I’m hoping for bigger progress this week.

I did not see this coming

Last night I went out on the southside. Apparently all my friends were busy with other things so it was just me. I started at Elixir rather than Tiki Lounge because Tiki was getting to be a bit too young for me and I’ve been wanting a change. Unfortunately, I forgot my phone so I was unable to check-in and get closer to getting the free drink or whatever at Elixir. I had three Grand Marnier on the rocks, danced for a while, then decided to goto Tiki Lounge anyway.

Tiki actually was fun. The dance floor was more packed, young yes, but fun nevertheless. I’d gone down to get a drink from one of my bartenders when I ran into two girls who apparently were bored and wanted to talk. They told me they thought I was drunk. Apparently it was because I walked by them alone or something. I think there was more to it, but didn’t bother trying to delve down to figure it out. It was good to chat with them, they were fun, and one ended up serving as my wing later in the night after I went back on the dance floor.

So I’m dancing there and I see this cute, hot girl looking at me. It is pretty quick, but I’m relatively sure it’s me. The thing is she’s already dancing with some guy, but I’m 99% sure she’s giving me the come dance with me looks. I give a it minute, then go over. Turns out I was right. It was fun and I later get her numbers, phone and age. She’s 21 – usually too young for me, but apparently hotness trumps my usual caution. I introduced her to my new friends from earlier and they promptly disappear to the bathroom for a few minutes. Hearing good things about me no doubt. Luckily I brought my cards with me last night so not having my phone wasn’t as much of a handicap.

Really though, I would have made it work. My bartender would have given me paper and whatever else I needed if I asked.

Anyway, I weighed in at 213.4lbs this morning. I’m relatively happy with that, though would’ve liked a bit more. I guess I was just retaining water or something a couple nights ago. Yesterday I went out for lunch – probably about 1500 calories, then four drinks later in the evening. I need to instruct my bartenders to make sure to give me a cup of water everytime I close my tab. I’m fine now, but waking up at 11 means the alcohol put me out for 8 hours.

Blast from the Recent Past

Today I weighed in at 216lbs. Despite eating below 1500 calories every day except Friday (about 1800) and working out Tuesday through Friday, I’m still moving up the weight scale. We’ll see how things go over the rest of the weekend. My muscles are all sore. Well, the muscles from my waist up. I need to find routines that require more effort from my lower body. I’m going to have to take my measurements again and make sure I’m not gaining muscle with my workout. I may need to switch it to being all cardio. I’ve decided to try the beef jerky diet. I’m not the first person with this idea – there’s even another blog whose owner has gone through this: Though I’m shooting for more aggressive weight loss than he accomplished.

Today I checked the All Mail folder in my gmail account. I do this because after my breakup, rather than delete my ex from my address book, I marked all her mail to skip my inbox and be marked as read. This was partly due to some post-breakup weirdness that had gone one but also because I just was not in a place to handle real-time response to her. I didn’t even know if I wanted to respond. I still think about her a lot. Even now, almost 6 months later, in what seems to be a growing relationship, I’m not sure exactly where I am. I feel I should be more invested but I can’t tell whether I’ve just not yet reached the point of being totally enamored of this new person or if I’m still hung up on my ex.

I tried to make sure I didn’t go through the rebound process, but perhaps 4 months still wasn’t enough time to move on. Or maybe it was. My ex emailed me last night. Actually, she accidentally called me a couple weeks ago. That really affected me. It took her a while to realize it was me on the phone and she then pretended that she didn’t know who it was and that she’d just accidentally dialed the wrong number. I can read so many things into the email, but I think I will just see it as her reaching out to perhaps be friends again.

Is More Sleep a Good Thing?

I don’t know. For many years I’ve averaged 4-6 hours a night. In the past year though, that has crept up to 6-7 a night. It worries me a bit. If anything, I expect to sleep less as I get older.

Today I weighed in at 214.6lbs. Not quite what I was hoping for, but hopefully progress is being made. To help combat the calories above 1000 in my daily diet, I decided to add exercise to the mix. Before, I was just planning on sticking to 1000 calories and exercising whenever it happens. Now, I’m still working my way down to 1000, but I’ll be exercising about 5 times per week to help.

The first couple days of exercise were killer. My heart rate was way up (a good thing) and I was exhausted afterwards. Today though, I completed the same exercise in the same amount of time, but with less exhaustion. I’m not sure if it’s because of the way I scheduled eating yesterday or if my body’s condition for exercise has returned but I think this is a good thing. Now I can either start adding more reps to my sets or add in an extra exercise routine.

I guess the good part in all this is that I’m not out of commission for an hour after exercise like the previous two days.